Fotograf Mikkel Adsbøl
  • Forside Mad 2018


    Food is an excellent field of work, as it speaks to all our senses. As a food photographer my target is to create photos that gets your mind going and waters your mouth. The sensuality in the food needs to be imaged and when I find the mark in my photos, you can almost taste the food.

  • Forside Interioer 2018


    Interiors revolves around creating space. There is more to it than white walls and high-ceiling rooms. It is just as much about the atmosphere and the teamwork between stylists, craftsmen and designers. When all comes to an end lifestyle is all about inspiring, provoking and moving from what is well known to the next level.

  • Forside Film 2018


    Film is a fantastic media to work with. In so many ways it differs from photography. And the process is much more complicated in so many ways, with much more factors to decide. All in all, I see it as a privilege to be able to offer both medias to my clients.

Photographer Mikkel Adsbøl has been independent since 2006. From his photo studio in Nørrebro he solves various photo assignments for advertising agencies, commercial clients and editorial media. Mikkel's core areas of photography in travel, lifestyle, food, nature and people. Areas he feels a special commitment and burning through his camera lens. Mikkel Adsbøl working for the best in the industry.

Mail - Tel. + 45 5192 5700