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To me, the most exiting thing about being a photographer is that every job revolves around enterprising cues and shaping the cues visually through the story I am telling with my camera. The visual shape must emphasize the commercial, aesthetic or editorial character to the task. And to me it is fascinating to find the right shape whether the story I am telling is about a thing, a person or even a place. 

Although I love my job, photography is not my only point of great interest. I do have something else I love. And that is cooking. Since I was a little boy I have dreamt of being a chef. Whenever my parents took me to a restaurant, I always wanted a tour in the kitchen to see how the chefs where working. When I went away on boarding school this professional focus changed however. My teacher opened my eyes to the fascinating world of photography, where technique and visual effects made me starting to thinking in pictures. I have done this ever since. 


Today I feel privileged to seeing the world through a lens for a living. Least of all I feel privileged that two jobs are never alike. My wish is not only to give different expressions each their individual shape. But also to solve any job so that the experience is successful to both sender and receiver. 

Mail - Tel. + 45 5192 5700